is made happen by Dedication
Proper Training with determination
REMEMBER: You are born to win
There will be dirty smells of Sweat
There will be burning heat hotter then Hell
You will be drenched completely
Even there may be some laughter too ....
You need to bear this all to GAIN!
Lean or Bulky?
are the considerations for tailors!
for you, the bodybuilder, it reflects in your actions.
What are you waiting for?
Get it Now!
you need the power of determination
It need not to be bulky to lift ...
Concentrating is not the wastage of time
It pays when you can't
Yes, just cover the whole space
just do it ...
This happens ...
You have your ways ...
But the condition is ...
... Never get your eyes off of the target
Get Inspired Now...

Target based Diet for Bodybuilders

What are the Targets of your Diet

Fruit and vegetables
Despite this being one of the most important food groups, and having many health benefits, studies have shown that the majority of the population aren't eating enough of them. This is surprising considering the goodness it provides and huge variety available in shops nowadays. So, let's take a more detailed look at what this group is.
Why it's important
Fruits and vegetables provide your body with lots of vitamins and minerals which are hard to come by in other areas of your diet. They also have a high water and low fat content so are a good choice for snacks. Research has shown that a diet which lacks in this group of food can lead to diseases such as heart disease and even some cancers! A lack of it can also lead to high blood pressure and various vitamin deficiencies which result in a lowered immune system, and sometimes long-term illness. So as you can see, it's pretty important.
This refers to protein rich foods which mainly includes animal produce. For this reason vegetarians and vegans often don't consume enough protein, although this can be avoided since there are vegetarian foods containing lots of protein. However, most people do not struggle to consume enough of this food group.It is an important part of your diet as it's vital for many functions inside the body.
Why it's important
It's main function is for growth and repair, so it's needed for hair and nail growth, repair of nerve cells, muscle growth and repair, and healing injuries. A diet which lacks protein can cause muscle deterioration, arthritis, heart problems and organ failure, so it really is important to consume enough. If you want to know whether you are deficient in protein, you should visit a doctor, but some of the symptoms include hair loss, muscle soreness and cramps, slow healing of wounds and loss of sleep.
dairy is known as being a good source of calcium, and dairy products are fairly easy to include in your diet. However for people with a lactose intolerance or an allergy to milk, getting enough dairy in there diet can be more difficult, although there are many substitutes for the real thing. So lets read on to find out why it's so important to get enough dairy...
Why it's important
Dairy is a very good source of calcium. Calcium is important as it helps to promote strong bones and teeth. As well as this, it also regulates muscle contraction, which includes the heartbeat, so it's pretty important. Inadequate calcium intake up to the age of 25 can cause bone problems such as brittle bone disease and osteoporosis. This is most common in women as they generally have a lower bone mass than men. In order to absorb calcium effectively, research suggests that Vitamin D is helpful. This is easy to get as your body generates it as long as you get a good amount of sunlight.
This food group should be your bodies main source of energy rather than sugars and fats. They should generally be a part of every meal, and most people have no trouble in including this in their day to day diet. Certain types of carbohydrates are especially good for you and can prevent diseases so it's best to choose your carbohydrates wisely to get the most out of them.
Why it's important
Most carbohydrates provide a long lasting, slow release of energy which prevents an energy crash throughout the day. They are generally low in fat yet are still filling, which means you are less likely to snack on less healthy things in between meals. The best type of carbohydrates is whole-grain products. Whole grain is widely available in many types of carbohydrates, and their importance is becoming more widely known. Whole grain provides many useful nutrients which are stripped away in refined grains. They contain fibre which promotes a healthy digestive system, protein (which you already know the importance of), vitamins and minerals, and carbohydrate (mainly in the form of starch). They are also rich in anti-oxidants which prevent cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
Fatty and sugary foods
While many people assume that fat and sugar should be cut out if you want to be healthy, this is wrong. It's important to include a little bit in your diet, it's just all about finding the correct balance. Besides, if you never treat yourself then one day you're going to binge on lots of unhealthy food, and that's really not good for you.
Why it's important
Fat is good for you in small amounts as it transports fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E & K) around the body, and it also supplies essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids have to be supplies through diet, and research suggests that they improve your immune system as well as heart health. Fat is stored under the skin as a fuel reserve, so it's good to have a bit there, especially as it also cushions your organs. You do need to be aware though, that too much fat will cause obesity-related diseases, so just consume it in moderation. And the best thing about fat? It makes the food taste better! As for sugary foods, unless it's sugar found naturally in fruit, they provide no nutrient, only a burst of energy, so you should really cut down on them.