is made happen by Dedication
Proper Training with determination
REMEMBER: You are born to win
There will be dirty smells of Sweat
There will be burning heat hotter then Hell
You will be drenched completely
Even there may be some laughter too ....
You need to bear this all to GAIN!
Lean or Bulky?
are the considerations for tailors!
for you, the bodybuilder, it reflects in your actions.
What are you waiting for?
Get it Now!
you need the power of determination
It need not to be bulky to lift ...
Concentrating is not the wastage of time
It pays when you can't
Yes, just cover the whole space
just do it ...
This happens ...
You have your ways ...
But the condition is ...
... Never get your eyes off of the target
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Post Workout Diet

What you should eat after Workout

Do you sweat it out at the gym and then gorge on your favourite food? Not many people are aware of what they should eat after working out. It's extremely important to eat right at the right time after exercising. Not doing so makes it difficult for you to lose weight, and also deprives your body of nutrition and energy. Here's a list food items that will help your body replenish its energy in a healthy way.
Whole wheat sandwich
That's one of the best options after a workout. Studies say the combination of carbs and protein works well for the body's post-workout recovery. You can have it with peanut butter and jelly, lean meat or vegetables.
Protein shakes
After an intense workout session, one needs proteins, as it helps prevent muscle breakdown. In my opinion, protein shakes should only be considered as post-workout food. Best protein shakes are those that digest faster and also mixes well Fruits, dried fruits and nuts
Many people don't have the time or access to healthy meals after exercising. For them, fruits, dried fruits and nuts are ideal. One can go for apples and oranges. While nuts have protein and healthy fats, dried fruits are full of carbohydrates that replace glycogen stores after workouts. A healthy serving of fruit and nuts is one-fourth of a cup.
Energy bars
They consist of cereals and other items that release energy quickly. Have them after workouts, but only after consuming adequate amount of liquids. However, those on weight-loss programmes, weight-loss (bariatric) surgery patients and diabetics should avoid bars with higher carbohydrate and fat content. Protein bars, which mostly contain whey protein, are for men who are into muscle-building. Since higher amounts of protein make you feel satiated for longer, they can also be consumed occasionally by those attending weightloss programmes. But those with kidney disease should avoid protein bars.
Cottage cheese
Cottage cheese is low in saturated fat and cholesterol than hard cheese like cheddar. That makes it a healthier post-exercise snack for your heart and waistline. It also has a relatively high water content. Having cottage cheese after workouts can help you replace the fluid lost through perspiration.
Spinach is perhaps one of the most alkaline foods. It boosts strength. It's abundant in iron and phytoecdysteroids (a form of plant steroids), which leads to faster muscle growth.
Chicken and fish
Chicken and lamb meat are excellent, because they are relatively toxin-free. It's the same with fish, especially tuna. Chicken is considered better than red meat. Eating chicken and fish plays an important role in the building and maintaining of muscle tissues, as well as the entire workout recovery process.
After exercising, amino acids in the body get depleted. Yogurt provides the necessary protein, carbohydrates, and a small amount of fat. Yogurt, being low on the glycemic index, gets absorbed slowly. It doesn't raise your blood sugar level and gives you a good dose of probiotic bacteria.
Drink, Drink and Drink
When you exercise for an hour or more, the body loses a lot of water, depending on the intensity of the workout. Consumption of 250 ml of fluid within 30 minutes of exercising is advisable this is in addition to 200 ml of fluid, consumed every 10 to 20 minutes, during the workout. energy drinks and not sports drinks or fruit juices are the best after-workout options. Those who do strenuous exercise for more than 45 minutes should ideally have ready-made drinks that contain electrolyte. This resets the water and electrolyte balance of the body faster than plain water. Other options are lemon juice with salt, or coconut water Some energy/sports drinks contain protein and/or carbohydrates. These are useful after strenuous bodybuilding exercises for longer periods.
When to eat?
Some people believe that they shouldn't eat after a workout. I recommend eating proteins and good carbs after exercising, preferably within 45 minutes, or maximum an hour. That's the time when muscles absorb maximum nutrients and when glycogen, an energy reserve in your muscles, is replaced most efficiently. This makes your metabolism burn fat faster and more efficiently.